Current Reception Pricing: All Venues are the Same

  • FULL BUFFET Reception at any of the Catering Venues:
    • $999 for the 1st 25 guests
    • $34.95 for each additional guest
      • (there is no children's menu available)
  • DELUXE HORS D'OEUVRES at both locations: (not available at Crystelle Creek)
    • $799 for the 1st 35 guests
    • $19.95 for each additional guest

  • CRYSTELLE CREEK Restaurant - Plated Dinner
    • $999 for the first 25 guests
    • $34.95 for each additional guest
      • Flat rate of $34.95 per person
      • * Fix Price menu for all guests

** Please note:

Pricing includes gratuities, but not tax.

Though the wedding couple are not part of the guest count limits during the ceremonies, the wedding couple are included in the reception guest counts.   For example, if your wedding package includes 40 guests... that does not include the two of you during the ceremony, but the reception guest count would be 42.  

The catering venues require a final count 14 days prior to the date of your reception.   They may not be able to reduce your guest counts for a credit within 14 days.   

Calhoun's  offer chair covers and bows at $5 per chair ordered directly through Calhouns.

The Park Vista does not offer chair covers and bows at this time.