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CONGRATULATIONS!  You're Married....     The photo lab will create your personal online photo gallery within 48-72 hours of your wedding... They will be available for viewing for 60 days.

If you have any questions, simply contact the photo lab at 865-430-3372.  
or email the Lab at 

Photography Info and Policy

Our photographers guarantee they will take at least twice as many images that are included with most wedding packages, though they often take more. They will take pre-ceremony, ceremony and post-ceremony portraits so that you will have a variety from which to choose.  You can add additional digital images for $5 each and that includes the copyrights as well. 

Your portraits will be online in a personal online photo gallery 48-72 hours after your wedding and they will be on line for 60 days. You will be given a special password to access your portraits so you can make your selection of images for digital format. Please use the Photo Selection Form provided to you at the Chapel.   You may also order directly on-line.

You are also welcome to invite friends to look at them at no additional cost. Your Digitally formatted album and the copyrights to those images (and your video if you package included a video) will be shipped to you approximately three to four weeks from the date you make your selections (not your wedding date). The copyrights release letter is included. 

We can not accommodate guests taking pictures on the chapel grounds or in our chapel building. Guests are not permitted to use their cameras in the Chapel's Sanctuary, during the wedding ceremony or on the property after the wedding as we need to prepare for other weddings that may be occurring that day. It would be great if you would let your guests know about being "UNPLUGGED" from their cell phones and cameras during your wedding and just enjoy this special time for the two of you. We want your guests to enjoy your wedding without being paparazzi and getting their cameras in all of your wedding portraits.

YOUR ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY: Again: within 48-72 hours after your wedding, the photo lab will create your personal online digital photo gallery of all of the portraits taken during your wedding. This gallery will be available online for 60 days so that you will have plenty of time to view and select the portraits that come with your wedding. Please note that these portraits are not high definition online,  When you get your digital images that you selected, they will be in HD.  The Photo Lab will light and color correct images where needed.  After 60 days, the gallery will automatically become unavailable online.  Please order the images that come with your wedding package within 12 months of your wedding, however, in most cases, the photo lab keeps the original digital images for up to 3 years.  If you need them placed back online after the complimentary 60 day grace period, there will be a $25 fee for the photo lab to recreate the gallery and host the portraits for an additional 30 days.

"PHOTOGRAPHY".  Our contract with the photographers does not permit guest photographers or wedding guests to use their personal cameras.  There is a set of core portraits that the photographers work to take.  They will take portraits, before, during and after your wedding ceremony, however, they do not guarantee specific poses that you may see on our website. They will try to accommodate specific requests if possible. 

If you have any questions, please call the photo lab at 865-430-3372

** Copyrights to all photography remain the property of the Gatlinburg Wedding Center, LLC. We share the copyrights with couples that get married with us for the images included with your wedding package. You can print them, post them and share them anyway you like!  If you do not want your images used online or in print, please submit you request in writing to