About Our Ministers

A Christian Wedding Ceremony by Ordained Ministers at The Church of Chapel at the Park, Gatlinburg, TN.  Just let our wedding coordinators know what is bst for you.

The Church of Chapel at the Park
Ministers and Ordination Statement

When you get married at Cupid's Waterfall and Chapel Weddings (formerly - Cupid's Chapel of Love) you will be married by an ordained Minister.   Our staff pastors have been ordained by a local church before beginnig their ministry with our Church or they were ordained within our Church.

Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Lee K Bennett, was ordained by the First Baptist Church of Clinton, TN, by Rev. Hayward Highfill and the Board of Deacons on December 29th, 1974.  He has a BA Degree in Religion from Carson Newman College (1973) and a MA in Religion from Baylor University in Waco, TX granted August 1975.  After having pastored in Dallas, TX, he returned to his home state of Tennessee where he later founded the Church of Chapel at the Park.   Since that time, his ministry has focused on couples and marriage.  Rev. Bennett was raised by a single mother and understands the importance of couples making a lifetime commitment.

The Church of Chapel at the Park is open to all in a non-demoninational loving environment.  The primary ministry of the Church is to work with couples who seek to form a lifetime relationship with one another.   Realizing that the Sacrament of Marriage is a holy endeavor, the Church works to perform marriages in a way that hightlights the importance of lifetime commitments.

The Pastors that our church has ordained have come from many demoninations and religious backgrounds, including Southern Baptist, Roman Catholic, and Jewish traditions.  When they were ordained by the Church of Chapel at the Park, they all had one common goal:  Serving the Church to create lasting marriages that would become role models to the community in which the coupes lives. 

While most of our ministers have membership and roles in other local churches as well, they have also become valued members of our minister team.  Our pastors meet the first Saturday of each month to continue training in working with couples and in Bible study.   We also have a more information study and potluck fellowship on the first Monday or Friday of each month.

If you have made specific pre-wedding arrangements with us to have your own minister, we suggest that you review the officiant requirements with your minister. 

If youi would like additional information about our Church or our ministry, please feel free to contact us. 

What couples have said about our ministers:
"We asked if he would use the vows we had written, and he did.   He used our names so many times during the ceremony that our guests thought he knew us personally."   " We were amazed and pleased at how their pastor was able to put us at ease and take the nervousness out of our special day."

From time to time we use other local pastors.  We assured that they are ordained and more than capable to provide you with the ceremony that you will remember the rest of your lives. 

On occasion, we are asked about "guest ministers"   We are able to accommodate guest ministers in 2 ways.  One, for anyone of our 1 hour wedding packages, we invite a guest minister to say the wedding blessing or prayer.   Two, for our 90 minute or 2 hour wedding packages, we invite a guest minister to perform the entire ceremony.  This policy is in place as we can not determine the length of a guest minister's ceremony and our experience in the past is that these ceremonies tend to be much longer.  We have an obligation to provide a family and friends photo session after the ceremony as well as a "romance portait" session.   If your minister's ceremony runs long, we will not be able to provide the photo sessions within the 1 hour reservation time.