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Wedding Chapel and Ceremony Policies

Reservation Deposits:

To reserve your wedding, we will need to process a deposit to secure your date and time. The Deposit for our 1 hour weddings is 25% of the total wedding cost with final payment due 30 days prior to your wedding.

The Deposit for our 30 minute weddings (or less) is 50% of the total wedding cost with final payment due 14 days prior to your wedding. There is a $100 minimum deposit required.

Policies and Other Important Information:
There are some limitations in the amenities that we are able to offer. Our chapel capacity is 40 guests including the wedding attendants. Please make sure you do not exceed this number of guests. In compliance with fire codes we will not allow more than 40 guests, and we cannot allow guests to stand in the aisles.

The fire code also prohibits the use of blow dryers, curling irons, irons, steamers and other heat producing appliances. Please do not bring them with you to the chapel.

Pets (except those used for handicap assistance) of any kind are restricted from the Chapel and its grounds without prior written consent. 

One hour package reservations include one song to be played for the processional.  We offer the traditional Wedding March or Canon in "D".  Please feel free to bring your own select for a Processional Song burned to a CD with a clearing noted track.    If you would like another special song to be played, we may be able to accommodate this request and play the song after the ceremony,  during the photo-session. Again, If you choose to bring your own music for this portion of your ceremony, you must bring it on CD format. This will avoid any mistakes from occurring. The price of your package does not include live music or instruments.

Please let your guests know that we do not allow cameras in our chapel or on the grounds. Also, it would be helpful, if you are not having a reception immediately following your wedding ceremony, that you denote a meeting place for everyone to gather after the wedding so that we can inform your guests where to gather after leaving the property.

In order to offer these affordable prices, we space our weddings, in most cases, one hour apart. Please have a place for your guests to go and visit after the wedding if you are not having a reception as another wedding group will be arriving.

For our 30 minute wedding reservations: These would be our "Just the Two of Us", "Mountain Magic", "Waterfall Wedding", and "Sneaking Out"  Weddings. Everyone, including the wedding couple, must arrived dressed and ready to meet the minister and the photographer when you arrive. These are more casual weddings without the traditions of our larger wedding packages. These weddings do not include music, a processional, escorts, a bridal party, flower girls/ ring bearers, family ceremonies, etc. This is true for any of the 30 minutes weddings usually offered at Cupid's Chape of Love but that have been upgraded to Chapel at the Park. For a more traditional wedding with music and other traditions, please consider our 1 hour wedding packages.

FLOWERS.  If your wedding package includes fresh or silk flowers, they are priced as standard bouquets  in one of three styles:  Cascade, Nosegay and Hand Held.  These bouquets are created with the same number of flowers.  The Cascade is created in a tear-drop style and appears the largest.  The Nosegay is more rounded and is a bit smaller than the Cascade.   Hand Held Or Clutch Bouquets are created where you would hold the stems of the flowers, though the smallest of the 3, it is the most contemporary and popular.   Once you select the style, you will need to select a primary color or mix of colors for your bouquet.   The floral designer will take your choices and create a beautiful, unique wedding flowers,  just for you.    Should you want specialty flowers (i.e. lilies, hydrangea, or exotic flowers or specialty colors) there will be an additional fee. Also, please remember we are a small resort town and at times it may not be possible to get some particular flowers requested. In those circumstances, we will make substitutions that match as closely as is possible to your request.   With most packages, the floral designer creates your bouquet with 12 stems (roses and/or other flowers she may have in her shop in your color palette), babies breath and greenery.

YOUR ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY: Within 24-48 hours after your wedding, the photo lab will create your personal online digital photo gallery of all of the portraits taken during your wedding. This gallery will be available online for 60 days so that you will have plenty of time to view and select the portraits that come with your wedding. Please note that these portraits are not high definition online, but will be burned to your CD or printed in high definition. The photo lab will light and color correct images where needed. If you would like your portraits “photo-shop” edited, the photo lab does charge for those services. After 60 days, the gallery will automatically become unavailable online. Please order the images that come with your wedding package with 12 months of your wedding, however, in most cases, the photo lab keeps the original CD's for up to 3 years.  If you need them placed back online after the complimentary 60 day grace period, there will be a $25 fee for the photo lab to recreate the gallery and host the portraits for an additional 30 days.

"PHOTOGRAPHY": Our contracts with the photographers do not permit guest photographers or guest to use there personal cameras on the chapel grounds. We want your guests to enjoy your wedding without being papparazzi and getting their cameras in all of your wedding portraits. The photographers guarantee that they will take at lease twice as many photographs as listed for images on your digital photo CD.   For the TWICEISNICE photo special, when available under the Specials Tab,  the photographers will guarantee at least twice as many digital images as listed for the wedding package before the special is applied. Please note that they typically do take more. After each wedding, the photographers will upload your images to a 3rd party vendor within 24-48 hours or your wedding and they will be available for viewing for 60 days afterwhich they will automatically become unavailable for viewing. There is a $25 fee to have them re-posted to the internet so it is important you make your selection within the 60 day time frame. Please note that the images are not always sequentially numbered and when making your selection, please select the IMG number, not the PAGE number. We want to ensure you receive the images you really want! If you have any questions, please call the photo lab at 865-430-3372.

** Copyrights to all photography remains the property of the Gatlinburg Wedding Center, LLC. We share the copyrights with couples that get married with us for the images included with your wedding package. You can print them, post them and share them anyway you like!

For any and all services provided, our contract is with the couple only, regardless of who made the payment for the wedding or the service. In the event of Acts of God, technical or human error, Cupid's Chapel of Love only assumes responsibility up to the financial amount paid for the particular service by the bride and groom. Cupid's Chapel of Love is the copyright holder for all portraits and negatives.

Also, for environmental and safety reasons, we do not allow the throwing of wedding rice, rice, or bird seed following the ceremony, during the reception line or during the departure of the bride and groom. However, we do allow bubbles.

Please note: If on the day of your wedding, for any reason, your wedding time needs to be rescheduled and there is an appointment available, there will be a rescheduling fee of $150.00 - $200.00.

The Couple may have one attendant arrive with tehm to assist them in dressing if necessary. All other guests, including children or the flower girl, must come dressed to the chapel. We want the focus to be on the Wedding Couple.  We do not provide dressing accommodations for wedding guests. We also do not provide accommodations for the wedding couple or guests to change after the wedding.

Holiday Weddings:

HOLIDAY WEDDINGS: Lodging: On some holidays, holiday weekends, holiday weeks, the cabin companies require a 3 night minimum and we will need to add a 3rd night to the 2 nights lodging included in our wedding packages at your expense. (we can always credit out the lodging). Also, there may be an upgrade charge applied for holiday lodging.

Christmas Eve,Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day:   We are closed these three days so that the staff can be with their family and friends.   

VALENTINE'S DAY Weddings:  Saturday/ Holiday Pricing is applied if this holiday falls Monday-Friday.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Weddings: When NYE or New Year's Day falls on a weekday, weekend pricing is available only for this very popular Holiday.  Madness Pricing would not be available. The cabin companies require a 3 night stay over certain holidays and some charge a holiday fee between $50 - $75 per night.

** LODGING NOTICE: As JULY and OCTOBER are not only the busiest wedding months in Gatlinburg, it's the two months visited most by tourists. The cabin companies that we work with are requiring a 3 night minium stay for all of JULY and OCTOBER. If you select a package that has two nights included during these two months, we will need to add a 3rd night to your stay or credit the loding included in the package. As we do not own the cabins, we must comply with the cabin companies request and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause