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Congratulations on your wedding!  Now it's time to select your wedding portraits.

Your ORDER SELECTION FORM will tell you how many images come with your wedding package... You can TYPE IN the IMG#s into the space provided below and Submit the email which will go directly to the PHOTO LAB.

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Matted Copy of the Vows - $ 6.95

Chapel Christmas Ornament - $9.95

Smoky Mountain Bear Couple Kissing - $8.95

Smoky Mountain Bear Holding Hands - $ 8.95

  • Bears Kissing

Smoky Mountain Bear Couple Kissing

$ 8.95

  • Cupid

Cupid's Christmas Ornament  (only current year hanger is available, easily removed)

$ 9.95

  • Bears Holding Hands

Smoky Mountain Bear Couple Holding Hands

$ 8.95

  • Cupids Vows

The Vows personalized on Parchment and matted in a back and gold frame:  $6.95